Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Week To Go!!

We got a closing date and time! September 9th at 1pm!
All of the appliances are purchased! Let me introduce you to the new loves of my life!
Samsung Over the Range Microwave
Samsung Dishwasher
Samsung Range
Samsung French Door Fridge
Samsung Front Load Washer (Got this baby for $584!!)
Samsung Dryer  

 In case you were wondering...we love Samsung.  We also have a Samsung LCD in our rec room. And a Samsung surround sound system....I think Samsung should pay us for having a Samsung home.

I've decided I'm not posting anymore revealing pics of the house until we close, just posting details of certain things and things I want to replace.  I will have a post later about all of the awful light fixtures I want to replace.  Theres not many of them but the ones that are in need, are really in need. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Construction days 47 to 55

Slacking again I know.  It has been super duper hectic :/ I went to Pittsburgh over the weekend to see TJ and for my birthday. I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet from him.  We went to Ikea (my first time) and it is as amazing as everyone has said.  Sunday we went to the Carnegie Science Center and to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Had a great time, and I was sad to come back to work on Tuesday.

As for the house changes, HOLY MOLY!!

As of yesterday we have paint, light fixtures, cabinets, tile in the bathrooms and laundry room, garage doors, gutters, and the fireplace surround. Hold on to your chairs ladies (and maybe gents) and prepare yourself for photo overload :)

Enjoy!! Heading home now :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Construction Days 43 to 46

Wa-Hoo Blog Tuesday.  Busy Week and its only Tuesday!

There aren't many obvious changes at the house since the last post.  Friday they finished almost all of the siding and soffit, and I'm still totally in love with the color :) They also taped and started mudding the drywall. 

My brother was in town with his family Sunday.  His wife is part of my mom's quilt group so her son and my brother hung out at our house while they were quilting.  We took them but to look at the house and the siding was almost done, a little more done than Friday, but not quite there yet.  John was amazed by the still wet drywall mud.  They got a little excited and there is a ton in every outlet box, so its constantly wet and play-doh consistency.  Like a good 2nd grader, John was amazed.  He made snakes and eggs and through them and hissed.  He had a great time.

Yesterday I went out and there was heavy equipment delivered.  HMMMMM.  I thought I was done with heavy equipment, my house is in the ground... Well... I was wrong.

Behind the house I find this:
Ahhhh septic, you are welcome.  Very, very welcome.  It's nice seeing where everything is getting put, I am planning on putting a dry set patio over this, shouldn't be a problem.
Drainage field is going in up top:
The closer, smaller trees in the back are the edge of our property line as well as were the road is. 
This photo was taken from our back deck, if you look WAY out there you can see a white dot a little left of center.  That is our well.  Our side property line runs right down beside that, you can see where the fence is up for the cows.  The cows aren't ours :(

And a beautiful picture of the finished siding:

It actually looks much lighter with direct light. I love my house, I can't wait for shutters and garage doors, and grass :)

After daily trip tonight I'm headed home to an empty house (for a while at leas) and I'm planning on making my first yarn wreath.  Watch out world, Em might have a new hobby :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two in a Row!!

Woooo Hooooo It's Friday!!!!! Today is day 43 of construction and I am elated to see what tonight's trip has in store for me. I picked up the Jeep yesterday, after a week in the shop she's all better :)

Update for day 42 of construction.

I was expecting to see changes, possibly big changes, possibly little changes. Possibly another delivery.  But I wanted to see changes.

As I pulled up I got giddy.  Like 3 year old getting her first Barbie themed tricycle.  This was what I saw as I pulled in from the road:
And then I pulled down to the garage like always and see this:
Well since there are two sides of the house left here they are:

I would have been totally thrilled if this was it.  That's a big change :) But I peered in the garage and knew that they had done more work on top of the siding.

The drywall is hung in the whole house.  It really makes everything fall into place now. And since I don't want to turn this in a million photo post I will include my favorite pictures of the house. 

The bathrooms are purple!!! They used special drywall that is mold resistant and its a different color.  I sorta like it :)

Well enjoy, that is all for today.  I'll be out there tonight to see if the siding is finished.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wa-Hoo I'm on a Roll!

So I didn't do multiple posts on Friday.  I wanted to, I really did! But the internet here went down, and I don't know about y'all but I can't post without internet :)

This week has been busy! Came in Monday morning and our office phone system was down for a few hours.  Plus side-no phones ringing, down side-customers think we died.  We have had orders coming out of our ears, and its great! We shipped out roughly 24,000 pre-programmed RFiD labels yesterday and have orders standing by for another 45,000 that will ship no later than next Tuesday! (if anyone is wondering what I do check this out Super Awesome RFID Company ). On the personal side of life, TJ is out of town for possibly another 3 weeks (been two already).  My birthday is next weekend, one I'm actually looking forward to for some reason.  My poor little Jeep has been in the shop all week.  Went in with all sorts of lights on and has been problem after problem.  So far we have replaced: ABS System, 2 Wheel Speed Sensors, 1 wiring harness for one wheel speed sensor, front passenger marker light housing, socket, and wiring.  Will be interesting to see if anything else is wrong with her, at least she's under warranty for another 4,000 miles.

And now to our main event, what all of you (both of you?) are here for.  House updates! I left off with the progress as of 7/22.  So I will start there.  You might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea, this one will be a long one!

7/23/2011- This was a Saturday, and I wasn't actually expecting to see any changes since it was the weekend.  We were driving in that area so we stopped in, and SURPRISE!!! My amigos are awesome :) Also they had the entire thing done, cleaned up, and they were gone by 3pm!
7/25/2011- What a day! The electrician was here, the HVAC guy was here, there's stuff all over! As I showed in the last post our deck was finished today.
The garage is filled with bits and pieces of HVAC materials, this was actually the first day that the site wasn't 100% clean.

But they made this cool little table for them to bend metal on, pretty nifty.

The heat pump and main ductwork is ran. As well as some of the main electrical.

They also put the tubs and showers in the bathrooms that they go in, how they did it? Don't ask me!

7/26/2011-  I like today, today has happy changes :) Dominion was out and marked the line where they will run the cable from the pole on our property line to the house.
There was a lot more electrical work done, the ductwork was framed in, someone wrote Tornados on out main support beam in the basement...and this:
I love this picture, it makes me smile.  The sun was slowly thinking about setting, the sky is so blue, there is a little patch of green grass.  Such a happy place.

7/27/2011- Hello Mr. Plumber! I have been waiting for the plumber, if you remember there is a window in the basement that has a pipe coming up in the middle of it.  That pipe goes up into the kitchen, that's where the kitchen sink is.  I was wondering which way they were planning on taking that pipe and how they were going to do it. So here it is:
The capped piece on the floor is the piece they cut off that was sticking up through the window. The pressure tank is in place and a lot of the plumbing is roughed in.

This cool dude is also installed.  This is one of my top 5 favorite things about the house.  Why you may ask?  A mantle! I have dreamed about having a mantle to hang my stockings from for years.  (And all the stockings were hung by the mantle with care...) I had our stockings custom made last year from re-purposed sweaters and they have our (me, TJ, and devil-kittens) initials.
7/28/2011- No real pictures for this one, but still stuff was done!  The tubs and showers are installed and were filled with water to help them set.  The plumbing is 98% roughed in, electric is completely roughed in.  They put in a little tuft of insulation above the fireplace.

7/29/2011-Happy Birthday to mi madre! My parents got back from their vacation this afternoon, I dropped my poor Jeepster off at the shop this morning, and I officially felt like I was 15 when my parents showed up at work to pick me up...
We went out to the house after dinner for my mom.  Again no huge changes but the door bell and outdoor lights are wired.

8/1/2011- Wowwee Wow Wow! So I'm excited about the little things.  It keeps life interesting.  I pulled up at the house with a headache, sore back, and tired.  This is what I see.
I grew up on a farm.  I love my moo's.  Having cows in the field behind our house makes me smile.  All the pictures I took inside the house are all slightly blurry.  I'm a picture snob, so I'm not posting slightly blurry pics :(  Most of the insulation is in, there are a few places in the ceiling that still need it.  Walking through the house now it is so quiet and sealed up.

8/2/2011- Delivery! I didn't notice any actual house changes but there was a nice pile of boxes outside when I pulled up with mom.
All of our siding and soffit has been delivered.  We have nice white soffit:
And our beautiful Flint siding:
They finally put doorknobs on all of the exterior doors and I LOVE the satin nickle that we chose:
Well they also locked the doors :( My heart sank a little bit, I'm locked out of my house. Well I thought I was.
I looked up and see this! YAY! I can get in :) Turns out there is a key outside each door...I'm short, I never see the top of the door ;)
I saw this little thing when I opened the front door, it made me smile :)
I'm beautiful underneath! This is great! I need to look and see if all of the doors have this or if its just this one.
And a view of the cows in the field beside our house :)

And the last update!!!
8/3/2011- Yesterday was another delivery!
SO MUCH DRYWALL! There is drywall in every.single.room. There's drywall in the basement.  There's drywall in the garage.  There's drywall in the hallway. Seriously its everywhere!

I'm super excited for what will be tonight!Ok super-post is now complete, you may proceed with your normally scheduled programming :)