Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Week To Go!!

We got a closing date and time! September 9th at 1pm!
All of the appliances are purchased! Let me introduce you to the new loves of my life!
Samsung Over the Range Microwave
Samsung Dishwasher
Samsung Range
Samsung French Door Fridge
Samsung Front Load Washer (Got this baby for $584!!)
Samsung Dryer  

 In case you were wondering...we love Samsung.  We also have a Samsung LCD in our rec room. And a Samsung surround sound system....I think Samsung should pay us for having a Samsung home.

I've decided I'm not posting anymore revealing pics of the house until we close, just posting details of certain things and things I want to replace.  I will have a post later about all of the awful light fixtures I want to replace.  Theres not many of them but the ones that are in need, are really in need. 

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  1. New appliances are the best!! Can't wait to see photos!